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New Horizons with Mac Demarco and Kelsey Lu

I worked with Director Bec Evans to complete the sound design and mix for these documentaries for Dazed and Confused magazine.

Doug Aitken set out to create a flying sculpture for a project called Art in the Landscape funded by the conservationist society The Trustees. He designed a giant reflective hot air balloon which would travel down the Massachusetts coast line and stop in specific locations to create happenings; moments that would bring together speakers and musicians under the balloon to draw attention to the world we live in and the climate crisis we face. The piece came to be called New Horizons.

A surreal poetic narrative will be drawn out as we parallel the musicians’ (Kelsey Lu and Mac De Marco) experiences in coming on board for the performances in the balloon, with the many tumultuous stories of the balloon trying and failing to get fully inflated and take flight.


  • Client :

    Dazed Online

  • Directed By :

    Bec Evans

  • Produced By :

    Sherlene Ding

  • Music By :

    Jack Newton

  • Services :

    Sound Editing, Dialogue Cleanup, Sound Design, Music Editing